Investor Education Series Webinar

Passive Real Estate Investors Need To Know
This Before Filing Their 2023 Taxes!

Passive Real Estate Investors Need To Know This Before Filing Their 2024 Taxes!

 Essential Tax Planning Tips And Strategies Before April 15th With Nationally-recognized CPAs And Tax Strategists "Amanda Han" and "Matt Macfarland"

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About the Guests


Nationally-recognized Real Estate Tax Experts & Best-selling Authors Of "Tax Strategies For The Savvy Real Estate Investor"

Real estate investing is one of the best ways the super wealthy use to reduce taxes. Believe it or not, the same tax benefits can be available to the everyday investor as well. All it takes is knowing how to take advantage of them. Amanda Han & Matt MacFarland are CPAs and tax strategists who specialize in helping people use real estate to save massive amounts in taxes and keep their hard earned money. They help educate investors on how to maximize tax write-offs, legal entity strategies, tax-efficient ways to access profit, how to use 401K money for real estate, and much more.

They are authors of the highly rated book Tax Strategies for the Savvy Real Estate Investor and they have been featured in prominent publications including the Forbes Finance Council, Money Magazine, Talks at Google, CNBC’s Smart Money Talk Radio as well as the BiggerPockets podcasts.

Today, Amanda & Matt have helped thousands of investors nationwide to save on taxes with proactive tax planning.
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CCIM, Principal - Director of Acquisition, and Investor Relations at Achieve Investment Group

Over 9 years of experience in real estate with more than 5 years in multifamily acquisitions and asset management.

Expertise in finding value in Multifamily opportunities.

Identified, underwrote, and oversaw the acquisition process of over $517M+ of quality multifamily investments (19 Assets) and still growing.

He ran the execution of each business plan in the portfolio.
Average IRR in portfolio more than 20%

James is a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering(Hons) from Science University of Malaysia and MBA from the University of South Adelaide (Australia).

  • How Smart Tax Moves Can Boost Your Real Estate Riches
  • Passive Income, Active Savings - Tax Perks for the Chill Investor
  • ​​Discover The Latest Tax-Saving Strategies For Real Estate Investors Facing A Recession in 2024
  • ​K-1 Losses and Capital Gains: A Strategy Session for Passive Investors.
  • ​Retirement Funds: Investing in Syndications with Your IRA
  • ​Battening Down the Hatches - Tax Tips for Weatherproofing Your Investments
  • ​​Cutting Taxes Like a Pro: Real Estate Edition
  • ​​Oops... Did You Really Did This? Avoiding Common Tax Blunders as a Real Estate Investor
  • ​​Q&A
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